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The Latin American Youth Center, Columbia Heights

The District of Columbia cuts $220,000 in money from The Latin American Youth Center’s budget


Funding Cuts to Leave Homeless Youth in the Cold

Posted: March 26, 2013 by thehomelesspage in Policy

Funding Cuts to Leave Homeless Youth in the Cold

The District of Columbia is cutting the amount of money given to non-profits that help homeless young people. The Homeless Page’s Heather Curtis reports on how the cuts will affect young people in transitional housing provided by The Latin American Youth Center in Columbia Heights.


Bethesda resident Alex Enyi at Bethesda Cares near the picture of the key of his apartment.

By Heather Curtis

After spending the better part of 30 years living on the streets, last November Nigerian immigrant Alex Enyi got something he desperately needed: his own place. A photocopy of the key to his studio apartment in downtown Bethesda is signed and framed on the wall of Bethesda Cares, the Montgomery County nonprofit that worked with Enyi to get his apartment.


U.S. army vets looks out for each other!

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Photo by National Guard

Photo by National Guard

Career Army veteran, has established a foundation that prevents other veterans from being homeless.

No Way Out?

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03012013_dcgeneralResident of D.C. General Homeless Shelter says even if they are working and earning money, the price of housing in D.C. is still unaffordable. Many tell DCist they have no choice but to live at the shelter for months at a time. One man says he doesn’t see a way out of the shelter.

DC Doors Awarded More Than $600,000

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Homeless assistance programs in D.C. get millions from the Obama Administration. D.C. Doors, which helps homeless immigrants in D.C. find housing, has been awarded more than $600,000 dollars. Other local programs that will be getting money include: Exodus House Transitional Housing Addiction Program for Homeless Men and the Calvary Transitional Program.


Arlington to build new homeless shelter

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Arlington to build new homeless shelter

A homeless man(R) asks for donations on

Arlington’s Courthouse neighborhood will be home to a year-round homeless shelter. It will have 50 beds and will open in 2014.