At-large council candidates talk homeless policy

Posted: March 14, 2013 by thehomelesspage in Organizations, Original Stories, Policy, Politics
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3/13/2013- Candidate Perry Redd talks to the audience about his experience as a homeless veteran.Source: Ivan V. Natividad

3/13/2013- Candidate Perry Redd talks to the audience about his experience as a homeless veteran. 

By –Ivan V. Natividad

Washington D.C. – Candidates running in this year’s special election to win a seat on the city council met Wednesday to speak to voters at a public forum hosted by the non-profit group, So Others May Eat (SOME).

Moderator Rev. Joe Williams asked candidates a series of questions in a long and drawn out process that put audience members in the first row to sleep.  (At one point candidate Paul Zukerburg, no relation to Mark, nodded off for a couple seconds as well.)

All lethargy aside, candidates did have a fruitful conversation about homeless policy.  Statehood Green candidate Perry Redd described how being homeless in the past informed his policy.

“I was homeless when I came out of the military,” Redd said.  “This city seems to turn a blind eye when it comes to homeless people…  [But] I’m committed to the issues of these people.”

While Redd seems to have some grassroots support, he is last among the candidates in funds with only $1,200 while Ward 3 neighborhood commissioner Mathew Frumin leads the pack with $100,000.

Budget analyst and former Washington Post reporter, Elissa Silverman talked about the need for transparency when dealing with homeless policy.

“I helped open the homeless city budget meetings to the public, to let people help decide policy,” she said.  “We need to create jobs for people and make living affordable with reasonable rent.”

Piggybacking on that sentiment candidate Michael A. Brown talked about his work with the DC General homeless shelter, and how he pushed for more housing vouchers.  He also talked about his resume when it comes to employment.

“I wrote the First source bill, it was a jobs bill that proposed funding for vocational training,” Brown said.

A former one-term member of the city council, Brown lost his seat last year after the Washington Post reported that he owed the IRS over $50,000 in taxes.  During that campaign Brown also announced that $110,000 in campaign funds had been lost.

He fired his campaign treasurer and has denied any wrongdoing, also being cleared by the ethics committee.

Brown is currently a lobbyist for the law firm Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge.

Zukerburg took several political jabs at Brown, positioning himself on the other side of lobbyist money.

“I don’t accept money from lobbyists.  I’m not in the pay to play game,” he said.  “If elected I will only work with people who want to work for the good of the people in the city.”

D.C.’s special election will be held on April 23.


  1. BJ says:

    Brown is a puppet. He won’t make it past Frunin and Silverman.

    • Donovan says:

      Brown may have had some financial issues but he did stick up for us in Ward 5. He is a good leader just like his father Ron.

  2. John says:

    Zukerburg fell asleep? I wonder if he did that while being a trial lawyer for “the little guys,”?

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