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This is the story of a remarkable, intelligent woman who overcame poverty through her faith, determination, and love for her children.

By Kolby Ford

standing outside with baby

In 2007, Shanelle Gayden lost her job and her home.  At that time she was 3 months pregnant and already a mother of two young boys.  She had two weeks vacate her home.  “I was extremely depressed, but I packed everything up and moved in with my mother,” says Gayden.  When the Maryland native’s third child was born she went from sleeping on the couch to moving into her mothers bedroom. “I was supposed to stay with my mom until I got back on my feet, I didnt think I would be there for two years.”



imgresThe trained advocates from The Coalition for Non-Profit Housing and Economic Development’s winter training sessions for housing equality are speaking now to the DC Council! The CNHED is live-tweeting their speeches and posting photos. Follow the feed here:


By Lauren Hodges

Elizabeth Falcon spent the past five weeks getting concerned citizens ready to testify at the DC Council. As campaign organizer for the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED), Falcon is responsible for leading the organization’s educational workshops and maintaining an informed community when it comes to housing issues.

“It’s very rewarding to watch these people become more and more comfortable and experienced in advocating for themselves,” says Falcon.


D.C. Woman Gets Apartment After Years of Homelessness

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Aida Basnight selling Street Sense on a cold spring day

D.C. Woman Gets Apartment After Years of Homelessness

By Heather Curtis for the Homeless Page

Aida Basnight never imagined she would be unemployed and dividing her time between homeless shelters and the streets of D.C., not long after completing her master’s thesis.

“I was just like, ‘how could this happen?’ because I could pay my rent.” Basnight said. “I could do everything I needed to because I had an increase of salary once I had graduated from graduate school.”


DC Homeless organize for city election

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Homeless groups in DC have organized a rally to support more homeless  people to vote in the city’s special election. In 2011 47,000 or 10 percent of homeless voters came out to vote.

Maryland shelter more like a dorm

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A homeless man sleeps in a park in Washi

Echo House homeless shelter in Maryland helps homeless people get back on their feet and is in the midst of a fundraising campaign. Check it out!

By Lauren HodgesIMG_1149

Jean-Michel Giraud, executive director of Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place, recently wrote about the struggles of homeless families in DC on his blog. With the city only mandated by law to provide shelter when the temperature or wind chill factor is 32 degrees or below, many children are forced to sleep outside in frigid weather,

“We all know how unsafe weather conditions still are between 32 and, say, 45 degrees. Nobody would choose to spend the night outside during the winter, let alone ask our children to do that, but this is precisely what DC has been asking families to do.”

The city’s emergency shelter, DC General, stopping admitting families in April 2012 to reduce expenses during the “warmer months.” Even in February, when temperatures required the shelter to take people in, it was reported that most of the rooms didn’t have working heat and over 600 children slept in unhealthy conditions throughout this winter.