New Research Looks at Homeless Youth and Unprotected Sex

Posted: April 3, 2013 by thehomelesspage in Health, Research
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The Family and Youth Services Bureau released information about the homeless teen and young adult population. The studies show that demographic as more likely to get pregnant or contract an STD, since most sexual health and awareness programs are served to youth who live at home and are able to attend school regularly.

The researchers found that young people were less likely to use condoms if

  • they or their partner had used hard drugs before they had sex
  • they were with someone who was their boyfriend or girlfriend or to whom they felt strongly committed
  • they had discussed “pulling out” as a contraceptive strategy before they had sex
  • they were in situations where there was no privacy

Youth were more likely to use condoms when

  • at least one of the partners regularly attended school
  • they had positive feelings about using condoms
  • they expressed high motivation to avoid pregnancy

The researchers also found that young people’s romantic partners had a strong influence on whether or not they used protection during sex, more so than friends or parents. In the study looking at attitudes toward pregnancy, youth in long-term relationships were more likely to have positive attitudes toward pregnancy and to not use contraception. In that paper the researchers write that “three-quarters of the youth thought it was very important to avoid pregnancy, but far fewer reported using effective contraceptives.”

Read more about the study here.


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