Homeless helping the Fortunate

Posted: April 4, 2013 by thehomelesspage in Culture, Original Stories
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By – Kolby Ford

This entry is about an experience I had with two homeless individuals.

I got up early one day to attend a Georgetown basketball game. It was extremely windy that Saturday and cold.  I do not drive while I am here in DC so I take the bus and use the metro. I walked outside of my apartment building towards the bus stop. I slid on my earmuffs because I had underestimated the brisk wind blowing.  As I got closer to the bus stop I noticed a shaggy looking man with scraggly blond hair peeking underneath a beanie.  He had a checkered green and brown coat on with brown pants. Behind him was a woman dressed in black she too had on a beanie.  I admit that I was reluctant to stand next to them because I wasnt in the mood for strange people.  Most of my encounters on public transportation involve me not making eye contact with homeless and sometimes putting my phone up to my ear so that no one would  speak to me.  The woman in black started to approach me and as she got closer you could see soars in her dry face.   She had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen.  “Excuse me does the 86 bus run today?” she asked.  She had one tooth at the top of her mouth and two at the bottom. I told her that it does and it should be here in 10 minutes. She thanked me, called out to the man she was with and said that tthey should wait right here. “Thanks mam, the guy in the hotel lied and said that the 86 bus dont run on Saturday,” said the man. It turns out that the pair were brother and sister.  The brother and I had a conversation about the weather and that he came all the way from Venice Beach, California to help his sister because she broke up with her abusive boyfriend.  “You know, shes homeless but so am I, he said.  “But Im a smart homeless guy, I know how to make money I dont just lay around.”   He went on to tell me that he saved up $500 from his gigs as an extra in movies in California.  He got a motel room for them both. Finally the bus arrived the man let me and sister go on first.  I put my smart trip card up to the pay machine but it wasnt working. I told the driver that I thought I had money left on my card. She looked at me, and rolled her eyes.  I was about to get off when my homeless friend said, “Dont worry, I got you.”  He paid for me to get on the bus. It was as if he wasn’t struggling at all.  A homeless man helped me out.  I thanked him and immediately felt guilty for my judgments I made earlier.  We didn’t sit together because he talked to the bus driver the entire time.  We got to the metro station shook hands and said our good byes.  I regret that I didnt ask his name.

People in our society can be selfish and get lost in material things.  They forget about what matters most in life such as family and health.  We rush to get to work and throw a tantrum if we drop our precious i-phones. If someone who has barely anything can spare bus fare than why is it so hard for some people to appreciate the things they are already blessed with?  Clothes, shoes, cars, etc can be taken away in a heart beat.  If you were the homeless man on the bus would you have spared money to help me? Even if you weren’t homeless would you have spared less than two dollars to help?Image

  1. That is truly heartwarming, Kolby. Sometimes it seems like the people with the least are the most generous. My dad always taught me the most important thing in life isn’t how wealthy or talented you are but rather that you are a good person. Thank goodness for good people like the brother and sister you met.

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