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By Lauren HodgesIMG_1149

Jean-Michel Giraud, executive director of Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place, recently wrote about the struggles of homeless families in DC on his blog. With the city only mandated by law to provide shelter when the temperature or wind chill factor is 32 degrees or below, many children are forced to sleep outside in frigid weather,

“We all know how unsafe weather conditions still are between 32 and, say, 45 degrees. Nobody would choose to spend the night outside during the winter, let alone ask our children to do that, but this is precisely what DC has been asking families to do.”

The city’s emergency shelter, DC General, stopping admitting families in April 2012 to reduce expenses during the “warmer months.” Even in February, when temperatures required the shelter to take people in, it was reported that most of the rooms didn’t have working heat and over 600 children slept in unhealthy conditions throughout this winter.



By: Kolby Ford

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For most 18 year olds, partying on the beach during vacation is a must, but these young adults traveled with their church groups from Rhode Island and Massachusetts to Washington DC to prepare a warm dinner for the poor. “I cant describe how good of a feeling it is to help others,” says Daniel Roach. This was made possible through the Youth Service Opportunities Project service meal. It gives  people a chance to make a difference in the lives of others.  At the dinner, the volunteers take ownership in preparing and serving the food.  The feast included, meatloaf, garlic bread, a huge salad, and cupcakes for dessert.



By – Kolby Ford

This entry is about an experience I had with two homeless individuals.



Source: The Homeless Page

By- Ivan V. Natividad

When his wife Celeste died of cancer, Charlie Freeman says he thought living on the streets would be a temporary phase that would eventually pass with an affordable home and help from his family.

Twelve years later Charlie is still on the streets of Capitol Hill.



Bethesda resident Alex Enyi at Bethesda Cares near the picture of the key of his apartment.

By Heather Curtis

After spending the better part of 30 years living on the streets, last November Nigerian immigrant Alex Enyi got something he desperately needed: his own place. A photocopy of the key to his studio apartment in downtown Bethesda is signed and framed on the wall of Bethesda Cares, the Montgomery County nonprofit that worked with Enyi to get his apartment.


U.S. army vets looks out for each other!

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Photo by National Guard

Photo by National Guard

Career Army veteran, has established a foundation that prevents other veterans from being homeless.

Huffington Post “DC Impact” Blog Finds Homeless Activism in Fairfax County

Amanda Andere, CEO of FACETS, keeps a wonderful blog chronicling the efforts of homeless advocates in the DC area. This week’s entry dove into the 100,000 Homes Fairfax Campaign. Much like HUD’s Point in Time campaign, the organization gathers over 200 volunteers for “Registry Week”…a two day event hiking through the woods and elsewhere to officially register homeless individuals living outdoors.