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By -Ivan V. Natividad

A video interview with DCCK outreach worker Sarah Riley. Riley talks about her job and what she does for clients that the kitchen works with.


By- Ivan V. Natividad

DCCK’s Communications Manager, Paul Day, answers some of our questions about one of DC’s best homeless services program.

This is the story of a remarkable, intelligent woman who overcame poverty through her faith, determination, and love for her children.

By Kolby Ford

standing outside with baby

In 2007, Shanelle Gayden lost her job and her home.  At that time she was 3 months pregnant and already a mother of two young boys.  She had two weeks vacate her home.  “I was extremely depressed, but I packed everything up and moved in with my mother,” says Gayden.  When the Maryland native’s third child was born she went from sleeping on the couch to moving into her mothers bedroom. “I was supposed to stay with my mom until I got back on my feet, I didnt think I would be there for two years.”


By Lauren Hodges

Elizabeth Falcon spent the past five weeks getting concerned citizens ready to testify at the DC Council. As campaign organizer for the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED), Falcon is responsible for leading the organization’s educational workshops and maintaining an informed community when it comes to housing issues.

“It’s very rewarding to watch these people become more and more comfortable and experienced in advocating for themselves,” says Falcon.


By: Kolby Ford

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For most 18 year olds, partying on the beach during vacation is a must, but these young adults traveled with their church groups from Rhode Island and Massachusetts to Washington DC to prepare a warm dinner for the poor. “I cant describe how good of a feeling it is to help others,” says Daniel Roach. This was made possible through the Youth Service Opportunities Project service meal. It gives  people a chance to make a difference in the lives of others.  At the dinner, the volunteers take ownership in preparing and serving the food.  The feast included, meatloaf, garlic bread, a huge salad, and cupcakes for dessert.


By Lauren Hodges

DC General, once a major hospital for residents of Southeast DC, was closed in 2001 and now acts as an emergency center for the city’s homeless. The building, located across from the DC jail, houses about 600 children and their families.



DC Doors Awarded More Than $600,000

Posted: March 19, 2013 by thehomelesspage in Money, Organizations, Policy

Homeless assistance programs in D.C. get millions from the Obama Administration. D.C. Doors, which helps homeless immigrants in D.C. find housing, has been awarded more than $600,000 dollars. Other local programs that will be getting money include: Exodus House Transitional Housing Addiction Program for Homeless Men and the Calvary Transitional Program.