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Photo by Heather Curtis – Each key is to to an apartment a formerly homeless person received through the housing first program via Bethesda Cares

By Heather Curtis

The following data is from a study by the US Interagency Council on Homelessness:



More than a thousand homeless families struggle to survive in D.C.

Watch Voice of America reporter Milena Djurdjic’s eye-opening report on homeless families in D.C.  Milena takes you inside the District’s only family shelter to hear from a man living there with his four-year-old daughter. His struggle highlights that of the thousand homeless families in the District. In a city of such immense wealth, it’s hard to believe at least 1,800 children are without homes.


Source: The Homeless Page

By- Ivan V. Natividad

When his wife Celeste died of cancer, Charlie Freeman says he thought living on the streets would be a temporary phase that would eventually pass with an affordable home and help from his family.

Twelve years later Charlie is still on the streets of Capitol Hill.



The Family and Youth Services Bureau released information about the homeless teen and young adult population. The studies show that demographic as more likely to get pregnant or contract an STD, since most sexual health and awareness programs are served to youth who live at home and are able to attend school regularly.


Homeless youth turned away from shelters

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