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By Lauren Hodges

There are plenty of chances to help out homeless veterans in DC in the coming weeks. Keep reading for just a few ideas to show your appreciation.



Fair Housing Month 2013

Posted: April 15, 2013 by thehomelesspage in Government, Policy, Video
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“To put a ‘human face’ on the issue of housing discrimination, three videos (with captions and without) were developed. Each tells an up-close and personal story of how individuals were affected by housing discrimination (based on disability, race, or familial status) and how they took action to stop it. Each video is based on a real life experience and seeks not only to educate others about the issue, but to inspire them to take action. The videos were developed by the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) in partnership with HUD.”

By – Ivan V. Natividad

An interview with a homeless man outside of the Verizon Center in Northwest DC. Howard Johnson gives a short sermon on the lack of priorities existing in American society.


More than a thousand homeless families struggle to survive in D.C.

Watch Voice of America reporter Milena Djurdjic’s eye-opening report on homeless families in D.C.  Milena takes you inside the District’s only family shelter to hear from a man living there with his four-year-old daughter. His struggle highlights that of the thousand homeless families in the District. In a city of such immense wealth, it’s hard to believe at least 1,800 children are without homes.

Framing Housing First from Calgary Homeless Foundation on Vimeo.


Watch NBC 4’s touching story of a Loudoun County high school coming together to help a homeless student by giving her shelter, food and the encouragement she needed to apply to college. Thanks to the support Kim Tran receives at school WNBC 4 reports she won the Children’s Defense Fund’s “Beating the Odds Award” last year. Now she’s won the Loudon Future Leaders award. … via @nbcwashington