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By Lauren Hodges


photo courtesy of Friendship Place DC

You voted on our Facebook survey for “homeless veterans” to be our next topic. Your wish is our command! And how appropriate, considering May is Military Appreciation Month.

Meet Geoff Milliard of Friendship Place DC. His career in homeless outreach was in the making before he was old enough to realize it. Growing up in a poverty-stricken area, he talks about his exposure to homelessness, drug addiction and struggling families as just part his every day childhood.



By Lauren HodgesIMG_1149

Jean-Michel Giraud, executive director of Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place, recently wrote about the struggles of homeless families in DC on his blog. With the city only mandated by law to provide shelter when the temperature or wind chill factor is 32 degrees or below, many children are forced to sleep outside in frigid weather,

“We all know how unsafe weather conditions still are between 32 and, say, 45 degrees. Nobody would choose to spend the night outside during the winter, let alone ask our children to do that, but this is precisely what DC has been asking families to do.”

The city’s emergency shelter, DC General, stopping admitting families in April 2012 to reduce expenses during the “warmer months.” Even in February, when temperatures required the shelter to take people in, it was reported that most of the rooms didn’t have working heat and over 600 children slept in unhealthy conditions throughout this winter.