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By Lauren Hodges


photo courtesy of Friendship Place DC

You voted on our Facebook survey for “homeless veterans” to be our next topic. Your wish is our command! And how appropriate, considering May is Military Appreciation Month.

Meet Geoff Milliard of Friendship Place DC. His career in homeless outreach was in the making before he was old enough to realize it. Growing up in a poverty-stricken area, he talks about his exposure to homelessness, drug addiction and struggling families as just part his every day childhood.



By -Ivan V. Natividad

A video interview with DCCK outreach worker Sarah Riley. Riley talks about her job and what she does for clients that the kitchen works with.

By Kolby Ford

“Its the right thing to do, if you’re fortunate that you’ve eaten today, if you’re fortunate to have a roof over your head, then its appropriate to give back,” says Ulysses Campbell.  He’s has been volunteering to help the poor for seven years now.  I met him on Friday while he was serving hot soup out of a lunch wagon to the homeless.


Martha’s Table offers long term and immediate help to those in poverty such as job training and clothing.  Campbell as well as more than 10,000 people a year join Martha’s Table with their church groups to help out.  McKenna’s wagon, the mobile soup kitchen delivers hot meals, sandwiches, and desserts to the needy everyday.


By- Ivan V. Natividad

DCCK’s Communications Manager, Paul Day, answers some of our questions about one of DC’s best homeless services program.

This is the story of a remarkable, intelligent woman who overcame poverty through her faith, determination, and love for her children.

By Kolby Ford

standing outside with baby

In 2007, Shanelle Gayden lost her job and her home.  At that time she was 3 months pregnant and already a mother of two young boys.  She had two weeks vacate her home.  “I was extremely depressed, but I packed everything up and moved in with my mother,” says Gayden.  When the Maryland native’s third child was born she went from sleeping on the couch to moving into her mothers bedroom. “I was supposed to stay with my mom until I got back on my feet, I didnt think I would be there for two years.”


Fair Housing Month 2013

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“To put a ‘human face’ on the issue of housing discrimination, three videos (with captions and without) were developed. Each tells an up-close and personal story of how individuals were affected by housing discrimination (based on disability, race, or familial status) and how they took action to stop it. Each video is based on a real life experience and seeks not only to educate others about the issue, but to inspire them to take action. The videos were developed by the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) in partnership with HUD.”

By Lauren Hodges

DC General, once a major hospital for residents of Southeast DC, was closed in 2001 and now acts as an emergency center for the city’s homeless. The building, located across from the DC jail, houses about 600 children and their families.